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VS2010 RC2 Available for download

Much Awaited VS2010 RC2 ia available for download now.
This is only available to MSDN subscribers and will be available to public by February 10th 2010. This RC includes go-live license for deployment in production environments.
Seems that performance issues are improved as per developers feedback.But we need to download ,install,check and see
how fast it is.Seems that MS VS2010 Product team working closely with 3rd party companies that have popular Visual Studio add-ins
(such as Resharper, CodeRush, Whole Tomato, etc) to make sure the environment works well.
VS2010 RC2 comes with ASP.NET MVC but it don't include ASP.NET MVC R2.
If you want to work with ASP.NET MVC R2 ,you have to install it seperately.

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