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Had a Gr8 time @PUG Developer Summit - 16th Jan 2010


Last Saturday, I attended my first PUG Developer Summit & it was really gr8 fun. Got to know a lot of new things.

The session started with Silverlight 4 which was given by Vikram Pendse - MVP . He showed some really cool demos, the one in which we can actually take photos or shoot videos from a Silverlight app was really amazing. All these is possible bcoz of the WebCam and Microphone integration inside Silverlight 4. U can have a look at the article which explains it in detail here.

Next session was on Visual Studio 2010 Enhancements, which was given by one of the SkillLabs trainer (forgot the name). He too showed very cool 2010 enhancements with demos. Specifically enhancements in ADO.NET 4.0 & ODataServices will be very useful from the developer's point of view.

Next was session on WCF 4.0 was was also given by one of the SkillLabs trainer - Mr. Farzan, very jolly person as he showed some of those skills with some cool marriage qoutes in between the session which actually served as examples for WCF enhancements. This session was also quite informative.Then had a nice lunch provided by PUG.

Next was a non-tecnical session on Concept Visualization taken by Sanjay Vyas - Founder of SkillLabs.in. By far this was the best session although non-technical but it taught of things tecnically. He showed that our brain works best with what is inherent to us. The more we see the more we understand. Our brain likes not only pictures, but likes to see moving picture with colours and sounds. and if these theory is applied to technical areas then would result in a greater yield. In a very non-technical way he made understood the concept of arrays & pointers and even the Windows architecture.This session was really very interesting. U can even visit his blog here. There's a nice article on Concept Visualization written by him.

Last but not the least what I was actually waiting for was these session - Sharepoint 2010, as I was very eager to know about it. But bad luck the trainer had his laptop crash & the demos & ppt he had made for the session were all gone. But still he took help of some local guy & had the very nice ppt & a few demos about the new features of Sharepoint 2010. But still it was quite a bit boring at the end as it was already 5 pm.

That's it..EOD & all left..but I must tell that it was quite a informative session & being my first was really very excited & happy, more so that I was able to attend it as for quite a long time I wanted to attend it but work didn't allowed me 2..but then a Comp Off came to my rescue...Thanks...

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Had a Gr8 time @PUG Developer Summit - 16th Jan 2010 Had a Gr8 time @PUG Developer Summit - 16th Jan 2010 Reviewed by The Opening Batsman on January 18, 2010 Rating: 5

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