ADOBE AIR- The Revolution has just started

ADOBE AIR- The Revolution has just started.

Adobe Air or the Adobe (pronounced as uh-doe-be) Integrated Runtime is developed by Adobe System for building Rich Internet Applications.
The AIR can be integrated with other products of Abode using proper extensions, and even with html, JavaScript, Ajax(asynchronous java and xml).They are combined using AIR and their huge libraries to make desktop or Internet Applications.
So, you must be thinking about Rich Internet Applications and desktop application, what’s the difference exactly?---The Answer is here---A Rich Internet Application is deployed in a browser does not require installation, while one deployed with AIR requires the application be packaged, digitally signed, and installed to the user's local file system and run as a desktop application.

Abode Air was launched with the name Apollo along with SDK on March 19, 2007. It was renamed to AIR and was released with beta 2 of SDK on October 1, 2007. After, that many versions came along and the latest is AIR 1.5.3 launched on December 8th, 2009.

Got to know about Adobe AIR, when I installed TweetDeck, as it came with the installation. So basically using TweetDeck you can receive text messages even if the network goes down.

Amazing isn't it....

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