Friday, May 25, 2018

Augmented Reality (AR) FAQs - Questions & Answers

Augmented Reality (AR) FAQs - Questions & Answers

Augmented Reality (AR) FAQs - Questions & Answers

Q1: A game based on which animated franchise propelled AR into the mainstream in recent years?
Q2: Which definition best fits “augmented reality”?
Technology that overlays digital information on top of real world items
Q3: Which popular Netflix show also put AR on the mainstream map, with one particularly spooky episode featuring AR in gaming?
Black Mirror
Q4: In immersive technology, what does MR stand for?
Mixed Reality
Q5: Which decade saw the debut of augmented reality technology?
Q6: In 2009, who was the first celebrity to be brought to life in AR in a print magazine?
Robert Downey Jr - Print media utilised AR for the first time in 2009 when Esquire Magazine let users scan its cover to make Robert Downey Jr come to life on the page.
Q7: Which industry was the first to use augmented reality for commercial purposes?
BMW launched AR enhanced print ads in 2008, which marked the first commercial use of AR. When held in front of a computer camera the print ads triggered an interactive on-screen car.
Q8: Which organisation used augmented reality as a navigation tool in the 1990’s?
NASA used augmented reality in 1999 to enhance the visual navigation of its X-38 spacecraft.

Sunday, April 29, 2018

The ending of Avengers Infinity war explained

All of you must have loved the action sequences in the movie Avengers Infinity war. However not many would have been able to understand what exactly happened in the end.

Here's a youtube video explaining the end of the movie Avengers Infinity War.

Do have a look and comment in the blog - What do you think about the ending of the movie.