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Daily Deal Sites

Daily Deal Sites

Here’s a list of sites that provide with some of the best daily deals.
(1.)  24hoursloot
24hoursLoot is an online store for selling a single item (mostly t-shirts and sometime toys, electronics products, furniture and more..) everyday at deep discounted price in limited quantity. An item is released every midnight at 12AM Indian standard time, seven days a week. If that item sells out during its run (in 24 hours), a new item will not appear until the next release time. Read more in FAQs

Why should you buy at 24hoursLoot.com:

·         Premium quality products in the lowest price.
·         15 days "No-question asked" money back guarantee.
·         Various secure payment options (offline & online).
·         Fast shipping anywhere in India.
·         No signup/registration required to buy an item online.
·         A prompt customer care service.
Time determines the best deals. With over a billion searches made by millions of Indians every month now, it is time for a new shopping experience – the Bindaas experience. An online store that operates within a brisk time frame, Bindaas Bargain offers a new deal every day! Great stuff ranging from cool gadgets, home theatres, luxury watches, smash games – you name it (literally) – we have it all, at incredibly cheap prices; delivered to your doorstep swiftly.
So for those of us who dreamt of a friendly Indian holistic webshop that would talk when talked to and answer when asked, it’s time to realise your dream. Welcome to the Bindaas world of bargains!
(3.)  MyDala
mydala is YOUR platform which gets you great deals in your city leveraging the "power of group buying". Group buying happens when like minded people come together to get deals that we can never get on our own as individuals. We all are the power of mydala.
  • Each day we feature something cool to do at an unbeatable price.
  • You only get it if enough people join that day so invite your friends!
  • Check back the next day for another awesome mydala!
Still have questions? Check out the FAQ
(4.)  BuyThePrice
India is a world of first class entrepreneurs. Just like many others, we too are a very passionate bunch of young professionals who dream to change the way online shopping happens in India.  
Our first flagship offering, buytheprice.com is an effort to move towards achieving our dream. Inspired from observing the buying behavior of our friends / family, we focus to bridge certain gaps like customer aggregation, balancing the estimated and actual demand using the ability of internet which can make it happen on a large scale. In simpler words, a case where common sense meets enablers.
Web 2.0 has been around for sometime, where the community contributes to the content. In simple words, an internet user benefits from the contribution of some other user whom he may or may not know. Until now, web 2.0 was used in ecommerce to the extent of product reviews and ratings. It has not been used truly in the sense of one user benefiting from the transaction of another user. Buytheprice.com does this through what we term as ecommerce 2.0   Our tagline "you make it happen" reflects our philosophy where YOU (read customer) is a major dimension like products and prices on the website.
(5.)  Group2Deal
Every day our experts try to negotiate best deal with the businesses in your city promising them a minimum number of customers. This creates a Win- Win situation for customers & the Businesses.The Deal is featured in our Website with details about the Vendor, Pictures & reviews about the Deal.Each Day log on to Group2Deal.com & check out the deals.If you like the Deal, click on the BUY button to buy the deal.We take the billing information from you & do not charge you until a minimum number of people buy that deal.You can also share this deal with your friends to ensure that the deal is struck.The deal is on only if minimum number of people buy the deal.
It’s a Risk free Win-Win Situation. This is the “POWER OF BUYING TOGETHER”.
(6.)  Wanamo
WanaMo's sole mission is to help you find the coolest things to do in your city at amazing discounts. So that leaves you to just enjoy & indulge in those exciting things that your city has to offer. Explore More, Do More, Want More! This is what you’ve to do which we call it as “6 Steps to Want More!
1. THE DEAL: Each day, we “feature an exclusive deal” at an amazingly discounted price which reaches your inbox.
2. BUY: Click the “BUY!" button to book your deal by paying a small “Advance”. This amount is part of your final bill & is not a fee of any kind; so you don't have to worry about paying anything extra!
3. TIPPING POINT: As soon as we reach the minimum number of WanaMo bookings, everyone gets the discount and the “Deal goes Live”. In case the minimum number of buyers for the deal is not reached – we don’t charge you a single rupee!
4. SHARE: To make sure the Deal reaches the minimum, help share it with you friends on Facebook/Orkut/Twitter etc and also win exciting referral bonuses.
5. REDEEM: Once the deal is live, WanaMo will immediately e-mail you a “printable WanaMo coupon” which you can use like Cash and take it to the vendor to avail your discount.
6. WANT MORE!: Go out, have fun, and check back the next day for another incredible WanaMo deal!
(7.)  DailyDeal
Daily Deal is a deal news site and community that focuses on providing information one super cool deal every day.
 Feel free to add sites that provide daily deals by adding it in the comments.....
Happy Shopping......
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